Let’s talk about vaginal dryness!


Is vaginal discomfort, pain during intercourse, or a lack of natural lubrication wreaking havoc on your sex life? You're not alone! Vaginal dryness is an incredibly common condition that can happen at any age. There are many causes; however, vaginal dryness is most often caused by (drum roll, please), you guessed it—hormonal changes. And while menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menstruation are closely related to vaginal dryness, they are not the only culprits. Read on to learn more about this condition that affects (or will affect) all of us at some point. It’s high time we talk openly about the problem and do something about it. Whether you’re young or old, you deserve a satisfying and active sex life. A woman’s sex life should never end!


The main causes


Hormonal changes (menopause, menstruation, pregnancy)


Other factors 


- Certain medications can dry out the mucus membranes

- Chemotherapy

- Stress

- Depression

- Certain soaps or detergents

- Poor hygiene (douching)

Note that using tampons and condoms can provoke or exacerbate vaginal dryness.


Main symptoms


- Itching, discomfort or burning in the vagina

- Pain or light bleeding during sex

- Frequent urinary or vaginal infections


Possible consequences


- Impacts your sex life

- Impacts your relationship with your partner

- Becomes a psychological burden in addition to causing physical discomfort

Relief and treatment


- Use a mild soap and avoid douching

- Apply a vaginal moisturizer from time to time

- Use a personal lubricant during intercourse

- If you are experiencing psychological problems such as depression, talk to a professional

- Avoid stress or learn to manage it

- Consume drugs and alcohol in moderation



Unfortunately, vaginal dryness is still a taboo subject, and many women don't dare talk about it. That said, it is possible to treat it by taking a few simple steps. Our suggestions can help you regain control of your sex life.